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Caring for your crate…

We get asked a lot about the best way to care for your crate, particularly if it is going to stored outside permanently. Here are some tips:

  • Your crate is manufactured from Forest Stewardship Certificated pine but will rot and warp if left in damp and poorly ventilated conditions
  • The key to preventing rot is to control the wood’s exposure to moisture, most wood decay fungi grow on wood with a high moisture content, usually 20 percent or above
  • Your crate has been treated with high quality fence paint to help inhibit water ingress
  • Your crate should be stored so that it is raised off the ground, particularly when planted. If stored in a damp and airless environment it will degenerate very rapidly
  • Try to take special care when watering your crate so that you do not soak the wood as it will increase the likelihood of fungi growth
  • Pay particular attention to the drainage and ventilation of the crate, it is advisable to make drain holes in the liner