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5 top tips for bulb planting this Autumn

It’s nearly time for our bulb planters to be launched again so we thought we’d remind you of some tips for planting them. We’ve teamed up with Fentongollan this year so we thought we’d pass on their advice:

1/ The best time for planting is between September and November, plant in free draining soil to a depth that is two and a half times the height of the bulb.

2/ It is always best to check the flowering times and heights. Shorter stemmed varieties are best for exposed locations and by inter planting different varieties you can often extend the period of flowering by up to three or four months.

3/ If you are planting in containers or window boxes make sure there is a hole in the bottom and add bits of broken pottery or stones to assist free drainage and air circulation. It is best to use a peat compost or a potting soil and coarse sand mix. In containers they can be planted much closer together and a good trick is to layer the bulbs with the latest bloom time at the bottom encouraging multiple flowering. Protect from frosts by covering or place in sheltered spot during freezing periods.

4/ For annual flowering allow the leaves to die back naturally before cutting them off and although not essential, it can be beneficial to add some potash rich fertiliser after flowering.

5/ Bulbs are incredibly versatile, they are best planted in a sunny location but some will thrive in more sheltered spots especially woodland varieties. They will bring colour to grass verges, lawn edges, hedgerows and other forgotten corners.

Remember, most bulbs will appear year after year and require little maintenance making them one of the most rewarding garden investments you can make.