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Window Box Gardening…

Here’s a quick guide to gardening using window boxes:

1. Peppers & Tomatoes: recent developments in plant breeding have resulted in dwarf breeds of peppers and tomatoes that can be grown easily in sunny window boxes. Starting indoors throughout the Spring (March to May) they can be moved outside for the warmer months from the end of May. Feeding the plants throughout the summer and staking with small canes may be required as the fruit becomes heavier.

2. Summer Salads: Beetroot, carrots, lettuce, radish, leaf beet and cut and come again salads are all possible to grow in your window box. Sowing seeds from March onwards in generous blocks is the way to start, keeping moist and then thinning out. A warm light windowsill is then all that’s required to grow yourself a lovely supply of summer salads.

3. Healthy Herbs: You can sow herb seeds most of the year but as ever if they are going to be outside it will need to be warm. Sowing every couple of weeks gives you a ready supply of herb leaves which can be harvested as you go.