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Bunting and Crates – A Winning Garden Combination…

Decorating you garden is often overlooked when designing your home. But by adding some simple features to your garden, such as our lovely crates or furniture and decor, you can create a truly unique, quirky style for your garden that is bound to impressive visitors.

Our friends at Chic Alfresco have a stunning selection of garden products that can beautifully compliment our Plantabox crates. Popular items from Chic include waterproof bunting (shown), waterproof cushions and a range of garden furniture including tables, chairs, sofas and more.

Waterproof Bunting produced by Oily Rag is made from highly durable, mould and weather-resistant materials ensuring that it can be left outside all year without compromising the quality of the product. Bunting is a great way style the exterior of your house, as well as around sheds, fences, gazebos and more to create a truly mesmerising, charming feel. Oily Rag are renowned for their exciting, vibrant, unique designs that are British designed and manufactured and made from only the finest quality materials so that they are incredibly resilient.

Combining bunting with a charming garden crate from Plantabox and you are well on your way to have a truly stunning garden design. Garden crates are fantastic accessories for your garden and can be used to grow plants in, collecting apples or even storing your garden tools in an elegant way.