Some cool planting ideas from the world of advertising…

Never thought I’d say it but here are some really interesting ideas that we’ve seen recently:

DesignGrass: Hand grown, DesignGrass is a patented 100% real grass that will last indefinitely inside with no watering or maintenance required. Created to affix to any surface vertical or ceiling the grass can also be designed in almost any way you can imagine. From wallpaper to logos to patterns or displays this unique indoor product allows you to create real green spaces in any commercial environment. The product can also be coloured in a number of different varieties and grown into any shape you can imagine.

Non-watering Soil:  Twelve bus stops and ad stands across the UK – in cities such as Cardiff, Liverpool, Birmingham and London – had the plants housed inside bespoke units installed in place of those usually containing print media. Collaborating with pharmaceutical producer GlaxoSmithKline and media marketing firms MediaCom and Kinetic, Clear Channel filled the spaces with a variety of flowers and a specially-developed soil that is able to hold water for long periods of time, in order to advertise Piri’s range of anti-hayfever tablets.