Customer Feedback

Probably the best review in the world ever…

We’d like to think it could get better than this, but it’ll take some doing. Big smiles all round at work today, this is why we do it:

Hello everyone,
I have just received delivery of my plantabox order and would just like to thank you for several things:
1. the speed and efficiency of your business
2. your choice of delivery companies (a very happy smiley helpful courier)
3. the quality of the products you sell
4. the innovative ideas you keep coming up with
5. the lovely people you all are
6. instilling confidence and trust

I could happily go on. This is the 2nd time i have ordered from you and i am happy to say that for as long as i have special presents to buy, i am coming to you for them. Thank you so much for everything you do. I must stop now for the risk of sounding too gushy, oooh i could cry with happiness!! I keep dropping enough hints around my house in the hope that someone will buy me one one day!
Have a great day.
Kim x