Text and email messages for our deliveries

I was walking the other day and reflecting on how the World has changed. It has to be said that not all that change has been for the better but significantly we are better connected and better able to share our experiences. That growth in connectivity and sharing has fundamentally changed our view of the world.

Our shopping habits may have changed but for me there remains one single imperative – the customer. How we think about you and interact with you reflects how we feel about you Thinking like a customer is very challenging because we recognize that your needs and wants are different. Because of our extensive feedback and by talking to customers we know that you want to shop in an environment in which you feel safe. You want to be associated with a company who really care about you and are passionate about their product, processes and product quality.

The Plantabox team has a huge responsibility to act in a way that reflects all the emotions that you have invested in your gift. We want you to be 100% happy with your gift and your shopping experience. We appreciate that you have better things to do than to wait around all day for a delivery. By working with our delivery partner, Interlink, we’re utilising the latest technology to make your delivery on time, securely and at your convenience.

We want you to be in charge of your delivery to make sure that it is safely delivered, with the minimum of inconvenience to you. Accurate information is the key to success. Please make sure that you enter your postcode accurately, and by including your mobile number as well as your email address means we can notify you email or text of our anticipated ‘one hour delivery window’. You will not be required to wait in all day for a parcel. If the time is not convenient, you can use the text or the email to change the delivery date.

A personalised text message or email will be sent direct to you advising you of the date and time of delivery. You can choose to reschedule delivery for a different day if required. We hope this service will enhance your shopping experience, to find out more check out our delivery page, and as always we’d love your feedback


Operations Director