Why our new delivery service is so cool…

From our Operations Director, Martin:

I love receiving presents and I am no less excited even when I know what it is because I ordered it! I received this text message this morning for a delivery of a network storage device. Not the sexiest of gifts but still exciting. The courier arrived or should I say Andy arrived because I had already been told his name and his estimated time of arrival. He asked for me by name and then apologised for being 4 minutes early. I signed for my delivery and he thanked me and left.

I began to think about all the ingredients that made this experience generate such a good feeling. I didn’t have to wait around all day expecting a delivery and not knowing when it would be delivered. My gift arrived within the estimated delivery time, I knew the drivers name and he asked for me personally and it left me feeling really delighted and the whole process had been personal and in my experience “Best in Class”.

This has raised the bar and we are proud to work with Interlink. This is the same level of service you can experience with your Plantabox delivery by including your mobile number in your delivery instructions.