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An apple crate for the teacher…

I really liked my PE teacher Mr Simpson but there again I was good at sport. I hated Ms Williams, a real drama queen and I told her that if she kept picking on me I wad going to tell my Dad. Mr Davies the English teacher was Welsh and spent all day talking about rugby and how good Wales were. Great when we beat them and we goaded him all day. He didn’t think it was funny. Mr Lake the French teacher would get so mad when you made a mistake that his red pen would drill a hole straight through the page and sometimes to the following pages. Consequently my book looked like that cheese with holes in it – forgotten what it’s called. Mr Wade the metalwork teacher was really boring and he would go on and on about the war. Mr Barrett the Maths teacher was loads of fun and we thought he really fancied Miss Gulliver. Sometimes Mr Cross the Headmaster would take us for swimming and we always had races and I could beat him. I really liked school lunches especially when we had custard with a skin on the top. I remember being in detention and sometimes being in trouble.

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I liked teachers and I like the fact that they left me with a real love of learning. I liked them so much that I became one myself and I still treasure the gifts I received. Say thanks to your teacher at the end of this term with one of our lovely personalised apple crates