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Leave Safe in Action…

delivery_blogWe’re always getting lots of great positive feedback about our delivery system & we have to admit that after the personal experience of one of our team, we can see why!

This year for Mother’s Day, I decided to send my Mum one of our crates as a surprise.  I picked a delivery date for when I was sure my Mum would be home.  However, the evening before she mentioned on the phone that she had planned a day out the next day with a friend.  Since my delivery was scheduled for between 9am & 10am I didn’t rearrange, hoping that the parcel would arrive before she left.  The next morning I kept an eye on the tracking system watching ‘Kenny’ as he drove the streets of Buckinghamshire.  Even though he arrived at my Mum’s by 9.30am, she must have already left. I received an email telling me that the package had been left at the prearranged spot (outside the back door), but to my amazement, this message was accompanied by a photo showing me the package outside the door!

That evening I eagerly awaited a call from my Mum (I have been known to forget key dates such as Mother’s Day in the past!), but nothing.  I finally called and asked if she had been left anything outside the back door, but no, she was adamant there was nothing there.  With my photographic proof I was able to tell her the precise location of her package which she found behind a small potted plant that had fallen over in the wind, hiding the parcel.

So, thank you Interlink, I don’t think I’ve ever had such a detailed service!

P.S. My Mum now has a new Plantabox crate for her plant so her plant will never blow over again in the high winds of Buckinghamshire!”