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Springtime in the Classroom…

personalised apple crates
Kids from CWCS School planting bulbs in our personalised apple crates

Every Christmas we make sure that we have plenty of spring bulbs in stock our Spring Bulb planter kits are always amongst our bestsellers for Christmas gifts.  However, as the window to get those  bulbs planted is always tight, we often find that we have bulbs left over in our warehouse in January.   We never quite know what to do with these and we hate to think of these bulbs not been given a chance to flower.

We’d heard about how one of our local primary schools in Exeter was running a successful Forest School programme encouraging the children to learn about their natural environment.   They were delighted to receive the donation of our remaining spring bulbs to plant in the school and of course we threw in four of our large personalised crates to show of the spring bulbs in their best light.

Unfortunately thanks to the lovely rain and flooding we witnessed in Devon earlier in the year, the children only  had one very busy Friday afternoon  of dry weather before half term to get all those bulbs into the ground.

A couple of months later the children were able to see the results of their hard work.  As the bulbs were planted quite late in the planting season, some of the bulbs didn’t get a chance to flower this year so we reckon next year’s display will be look even better!

Margaret Watson