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Snug as a bug in a…crate

bug_houseAs you can imagine all of us at Plantabox have a fair few of our lovely personalised crates around our homes and gardens, and although you can never have too many planters in a garden, sometimes a bit of variety is important.  So, you can imagine our delight when Martin showed us the result of his wife Jenny’s weekend endeavours to entertain the grandchildren. The first Plantabox Bug House crate!  We think it’s one of the best uses of our crates yet. So if your crate is sitting empty now that your courgettes have finished or you fancy a change from your Spring bulbs,  why not build one yourself?  Jenny made hers by collecting old hollowed out bamboo canes and twigs from the garden, perfect for a legion of mini beasts and great entertainment for the mini humans too!

Happy bug hunting!