Christmas Delivery Update…

In the light of recent articles in the press we asked our delivery partner Interlink for a quick update on how things are going. Bruce, the boss, said about this Christmas: “It is bigger than anything we’ve seen before, but we have managed to maintain a 98% success rate for delivery within the one hour allocated window and a next day delivery overall success rate in excess of 99%. We know next week is going to be even bigger – and while we are bound to have a couple of hiccups we fully expect to hold these percentages. The occasional parcel may get delayed by 24 hours – the vast majority will arrive on time.”

We think that is pretty incredible given the volume of packages they are handling and we even saw this in the comments section of the Guardian web site:

“Well I got my parcel delivered on time and with a notification by email from interlink express, they gave me the one hour time window and the delivery drivers name,( Brian) spot on!”