Coordinates, Valentine's Day

Somewhere only we know…

Our coordinates crate is perhaps the most personal of our personalised gifts, they act as a private message from one person to another, reminding the recipient of a special time or place.  As you can imagine our personalised coordinates crates are a popular choice for Valentine’s Day, and at the risk of being nosey we asked a couple of our customers if they’d be happy to share the stories behind their coordinates.

“I’ve picked the Abel Tasman National Park in New Zealand. It seems like a lifetime ago, but pre kids we spent an amazing couple of months in Australia & New Zealand. Kayaking on the Abel Tasman was the highlight, and this crate is just a small reminder that even though it now seems like a lifetime ago, one day, we’ll go back! Sally”

“My crate isn’t actually for Valentine’s Day, my best friend is moving abroad soon, so I’ve put the coordinates of our home town, just to remind her that there is ‘no place like home!. Sarah”