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101 uses for our trusty half crate…

Half crate on wheels
Half crate on wheels

We’ve been taking another look at our half crates recently and to be honest, we didn’t realise just how incredibly useful they can be, especially if you add wheels! We thought we’d share a few of these with you:

  • Under bed storage:  Our half crates fit perfectly under beds to form great storage crates, perfect for storing shoes, and even better in purple or red for storing lego!
  • Dad’s Tools:  Why not treat Dad to the perfect personalised mobile storage crate for his DIY tools, excellent for moving heavy power tools from place to place to complete any building project.
  • Kid’s toys: Ideal for smaller toys and even for smaller people (we’ve been told they make pretty good pull along carts!)
  • Portable seed trays:  This one is perfect for gardeners.  Our half crates make lovely personalised seed trays, and adding wheels makes it easier to move from sun to shade as needed.

We’d love to hear suggestions or see pictures of any other uses of the trusty half crate,  why not post them on facebook or email them to