Colours, Customer Feedback

Our Colour Range

Here at Plantabox we’re always looking to keep things fresh by adding new products and introducing new colours to our line.  Some of our great new products have come about thanks to requests and suggestions from our customers so earlier this month we sent out an email to a selection of customers asking them for some feedback on our current colours and thoughts on introducing a few more. Once again, you didn’t disappoint and we had some really great not to mention useful comments about the range and colour choices.  It seems in fact that not everyone is aware of how big the colour range is, so we thought we’d share the full colour chart so you can see the crates in all their glory.

Out of the three potential new colours, iris & aqua seemed to be the front runners, with some additional suggestions for a burgundy, deep green and even a deckchair stripe for summer – what can we say, we’ll look into it!  Thanks once again to all who responded and well done to Alison Berry who wins a crate in the colour of her choice.

current colours