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Our Personalised Picnic Crate is Put to the Test!

We love this review of our picnic crate by Katie Clifton Hadley. What bigger test than a family holiday to Devon!

Katie said: “We had The Clifton-Hadley’s tasty snacks’ printed on to the side and it looks fantastic. I have to be honest I did feel quite smug carrying it around, as when using the picnic crate on our holiday in Devon we were stopped by so many people asking where we got it from. It was nice to get lots of fabulous comments, as it is so different from the usual picnic basket that we carry around.”

She also commented: “The best thing about the picnic crate is that it also doubles up as a seat, perfect for when the grass is a bit damp or you can’t quite get down to sit on the floor. I even used it with the lid on for a little table to put drinks on so that they didn’t get knocked over on the floor. I was really impressed with the variety of functions that the crate had and cannot wait to use it again.”

You can see the Personalised Picnic Crate here on our web site

Personalised Picnic Crate
Personalised Picnic Crate