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A trug with many uses!

Our final winner from our crate competition is Sophie Trebbick, for her lovely photos from her wedding last year.  We loved the fact that Sophie had chosen to use one of our other products, our personalised trugs, for her wedding and in quite an innovative way!  We can see this idea catching on Sophie!  Sophie was happy to tell us the story behind the trugs..

“I fell in love with your trugs when I bought one for Ben for our veg patch. I work in the catering industry so am always looking at different ways of displaying food that fits in with a theme or brings it to life. The look and feel of the wedding was all about being outside, it being natural and relaxed. We thought the personalised trug complemented  this and added something special to the salad table and the cheese display. It was a real surprise for everyone when they came to get their salad, and I was so happy everyone loved it as it was one of my favourite things that I had bought for the wedding.  I think one of the photos I sent is me showing it to my sister in law, and our photographer said it was one of his favourite pictures.”

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