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Nothing beats the Excitement of Christmas Eve…..

Personalised Christmas Eve crate
Personalised Christmas Eve crate

Our Personalised Christmas Eve Crates are back again but this time with a new design and a wider range of colour choices!  This hugely popular product is a great hit with families looking to build on the magic of Christmas Eve (and perhaps to find a moments calm in the mayhem of Christmas planning!).

To give you some ideas, take a look at some of the lovely things are customers plan to do with their crates.

“My plan is to have it ready on the table when they come down to breakfast on Christmas Eve.  I’ve bought a Christmas Cookie mix so we can make snowflake cookies in the morning and some Christmas puzzle books and a CD of Christmas songs to keep them busy while I’m doing some last minute jobs.  The plan is to finish the day in Christmas onesies with Christmas movie, I can’t wait, I think I may be more excited about Christmas Eve than Christmas Day!” 

“Our crate is a real family affair.  I’m planning to get it out about 5pm on Christmas Eve so we can spend some family time together.  I’m going to put in some silly Christmas things, a board game we can all play, some hot chocolate (not forgetting wine for the adults!), and a note saying no electronic gadgets allowed!”

You can see this stunning product on our web site here