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Gardening Trends for 2017

We were interested to read this article in the Telegraph a few days ago, it’s an overview of the gardening trends which are impacting on the sector this year and there are a few which resonate with what we do here at Plantabox:

Urban gardening

Container gardening is a great solution for people with small gardens, verandas or balconies, our crates are a great solution for these applications. Crates on wheels are easy to move around and provide a simple planting solution.

Eating Veg

The number of vegans is increasing and intake of vegetables is becoming a key part of people’s diets, lots of veg are perfect for growing in containers including herb, cut and come again salads, micro greens and dwarf vegetables.

Generation Rent

Our crates are entirely portable and can be taken with you when you move, so all that effort is not wasted.

personalised planter crates
personalised planter crates

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