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New Padded Lid for our Personalised Toy Box

Our fabric supplier recently updated their catalogue so we have picked a brand new fabric for our ever popular Personalised Toy Box with Padded Lid

The Great Toy Box Giveaway…

Our classic kids Personalised Toy Crate is 20% off until the end of January, get them while they’re hot!

Bespoke Toy Box Fits Perfectly…

We helped Tess Godson out with a bespoke toy box for a particular place in her house and she sent us these pics

Back to School – It’s Tidy Up Time!

If your children’s bedrooms or playroom needs a blitz then our personalised toy crates are great for stacking and with their smooth corners and bright colours are a sure fire hit with children of all ages.

Where do we put all the presents?

January is all about decluttering and if like us Christmas has left you filled to the rafters, then we’ve got the perfect storage solution, our personalised kids toy box crate is great for all those shiny new toys, the only question, how many do you need?!

Christmas Product of the Week…

This week our Product of the Week is our classic Personalised Toy Box!┬áKid’s love them because they’re colourful and have their name on them and you love them because they fit perfectly into any room in the house. Well for this week you’ll love them even more because as our Product of the Week, our┬áPersonalised […]

Our Toy Crates Aren’t Just for Toys!

We love our personalised toy crates and clearly so do you as our workshop is currently full of brightly coloured crates waiting to be personalised in time for Christmas.

Order can now be Restored!

Now the children are back at school, if your house is anything like mine that pile of clutter that has been silently growing for the last six weeks has now almost taken control of the house! You’re sure to find the perfect storage solution at Plantabox to ease the back to school tidy up!

Toy Crates are not just for Toys!

Many thanks to Louise Cooper who sent in this picture of her son Toby and his personalised toy crate

Need more storage for the Kids?

We’ve adapted our tall personalised square planter crate for use inside the home as a stylish storage crate